I'm Patrick, professional voice over/voice actor and translator. I've been in the booth as they say since 1998 working with brands and companies from all over the world, producing top quality voice overs for radio and television advertising, corporate profiles, explainer animations, e-learning and audiobooks. I'd be happy to help you give your project a voice as well. Feel free to browse around and let me know if we can work together.

Listen to my voice!

Voice Over

I can give your project a top quality voice! Let me help you produce a voice over for your radio or television commercial, informative video, corporate profile, TV promo, explainer animation, e-learning courses, movie trailer or audiobook. I can also produce a voice mail message or IVR with prompts for you.

Own Studio

I deliver from my own studio, recording in a properly acoustically treated vocal booth on professional grade equipment, such as a Neumann TLM-103 and a Sennheiser MKH416 - through an Apollo Twin Solo PA into Adobe Audition. I typically deliver 44.1kHz/16b/wav/mono, but can deliver in any other industry standard file type you require.

Translations and Proofing

As a native speaker of both English (Canada, Winnipeg) and Dutch (ABN, The Netherlands) and a ECTL certified translator I can turn your English script into a Dutch script and vice versa! I can also help you proof the script for readability.


Below is a selection of the most recent projects for which I produced the voice over. For some of these projects I also wrote or translated the scripts, proofed the scripts and in some cases helped produce the explainer animation or edited the video. My complete portfolio can be found here.


Why would you choose my voice to produce your voice over, informative or educational video, TV or radio commercial, audio book or e-learning course?

I'm going to work with you to create the best possible result for your project. A voice over has to fit your project, convey the correct atmosphere, hold the listner's attention and support the message you're trying to convey. I actively think along with you about how to best achieve those goals.
Fast results
Service oriented


As a native Dutch and native North-American English voice over/voice actor and translator, Patrick van Donselaar provides voice over and translation services for both Dutch and English at the highest quality.

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Voice Over / Voice Actor
Patrick van Donselaar
Coniferenlaan 20
3904 KR Veenendaal
T:  +31 (0)614 121 379
CoC:  54749891
VAT ID: NL001916477B29
Bank: NL79KNAB0255295499


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